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I completed my Associates Degree of Applied Sciences in Instrumentation and graduated on May 12, 2011 with a 3.907 GPA. As most people know, education does not end with graduation. I’m currently pursuing a few courses that will help in my current line of work, Process Control, in September. I’ve also decided to get back […]

Journeyman Petition

Journeyman is apparently still up in the air. NBC aired episode 11 tonight, and they are planning to air episodes 12 & 13 next week. Those are the last two episodes filmed to date. NBC has asked for three more scripts, but they have not signed for any more episodes. Please sign This Petition to […]

Chuck & Journeyman

I believe that NBC is currently my favorite television network.  I started tuning in on Monday nights to watch Heroes, but I’ve fallen into the desire to watch the shows that surround it. Chuck is a fun show.  I can predict a lot of what’s going to happen, but the premise of the show is […]

Sopranos Finale

I know it’s a little late, but I felt this since a few days after the finale.  I haven’t posted it yet because I haven’t … typed it until now. There’s been a lot of talk by a lot of loud people about how much disappointment they felt from the finale.  I don’t understand how […]

Randy Jackson

“Yo, Dawg, check it out… that was good, I mean, I’m not jumpin’ up and down or anything, but that was pretty good… a little pitchy in the middle there, but ya know what I mean?…” Has anyone ever heard the following phrase out of Randy’s mouth? “…I’m jumpin’ up and down…” Has anyone ever […]

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