Commercials During the “Big Game”

I’ll have to say that the game ended just how I figured it would, even though I didn’t expect the game to start that way. I’m glad Peyton got the MVP award as well… he’s worked hard for a long time for it.
Now is time to get to the main point of last night. Where were all the commercials? I was expecting much more. There were only four companies that stuck out, and those weren’t all that much. Budweiser was expected and it looked like they spent some money on the game, but they didn’t spend as much in production of the ads. It wasn’t as special as it used to be. Pepsi had their spot while Coca-Cola had a bigger spot. looked like they had the most thought out commercial of all, and even that wasn’t that great.
Many people look forward to the advertisements during the “Big Game“, but it looks like the time for commercials has actually been devalued. If the cost of commercials goes down next year, I wouldn’t be surprised. The only thing I could suggest is that CBS require those who purchase commercial time slots during the “Big Game” to have new original material. If they don’t, the amount CBS charges for time will have to decrease. Once that happens, the “Big Game” experience will never be the same, because there will not be anyone to pay for the huge production that goes into the event.

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