About Me

My Name is John Brandon Kunefke.
I answer to Brandon, due to the fact that my Dad is John Raymond Kunefke, and it would have been kinda confusing to have Mom yelling at John and not knowing which one of us was in trouble.
I have been married for almost 21 years. Christle and I said “I do” on July 31, 1999. I have three beautiful daughters. Alaina is 19, Lily is almost 15, and Sunni is almost 9 years old.
We homeschool the girls.  We’ve been doing it for several years now, so we’re starting to get the hang of it.
I enjoy working with computers. I graduated from Lamar Institute of Technology with an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Instrumentation Technology in May 2011 with a 3.907 GPA.
I’ve had the pleasure of making use of my education since well before it was complete.  I’ve been working in the Process Control industry for 12 years.