My Testimony

My parents raised me in church.  I remember going to a church when I was younger and the change when they decided to move to the church they attend now.  It is the same church where my father led the music and my mother played the piano at the ages of 17 and 14 respectively.
They made sure that I was taught about the Bible and the truths that God gave us through it.
When I was somewhere around the age of 8, my best friend at the time walked the aisle and accepted Jesus Christ.  He was baptized and I felt like I was left out because I didn’t understand it.  I wanted to be part of the “club” and walked the aisle a few weeks later.
Some would assume that my decision was made there because I said all the right things in order to “get in the club”.  I knew at the time that I just wanted to be close to my friend again.  I had not really talked to God when I made that confession of faith.  I just knew what to say because I had always been around it.
When I was 16, almost 17, I understood the meaning of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  I began to wonder if what I did when I walked down the aisle at 8 was enough to get me there.  The doubts in my mind continued for a few weeks until I decided on the back porch that I was going to “nail it down” and accept Christ and His wonderful gift of Salvation right there.
April 20, 1995 was the day I “nailed down”.  I have it marked in my Bible, but I know the date as well as I do my birth date.  I was baptized shortly afterwards at the First Baptist Church in Stowell, TX.
I have not always been the Christ Follower that I should have been since that decision, but I have found my way back and have rededicated my life to Him.  I am a sinner and am not worthy of what He has done for me, but I gladly accept it and am striving to build a closer relationship with Him.

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