Randy Jackson

“Yo, Dawg, check it out… that was good, I mean, I’m not jumpin’ up and down or anything, but that was pretty good… a little pitchy in the middle there, but ya know what I mean?…”
Has anyone ever heard the following phrase out of Randy’s mouth? “…I’m jumpin’ up and down…”
Has anyone ever seen Randy Jackson jumping up and down? I’d love to see I guess I’d like to see proof that there’s a point to his usual comments.
I couldn’t find a compilation of that phrase on YouTube for some weird reason, but I did find this one. It’s pretty funny.
Randy, if you never jump up and down, stop telling us that you’re not doing it. For crying out loud, I hear you say that at least twice a night, and I can almost predict when it’s about to stumble out of your mouth. Build up your vocabulary and come up with a few different phrases that have the same basic meaning.
You know what’d be funny? Say it to all but one of them next week. Make sure they all know that you’re not jumping up and down. Maybe they can’t see you very well because of the lights. Then the following week, jump up and down for all but one of them. I insist that you actually stand and jump up and down for them. It’d be an interesting experiment to see if the one person you don’t jump up and down for is eliminated that week.
Heck, if you’re going to overuse the phrase, at least have some fun with it.

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