Sopranos Finale

I know it’s a little late, but I felt this since a few days after the finale.  I haven’t posted it yet because I haven’t … typed it until now.
There’s been a lot of talk by a lot of loud people about how much disappointment they felt from the finale.  I don’t understand how so many people who have little to no creative cell can criticize a show you’ve been raving about for years.  Sure, there’ve been a few lame seasons, but if they were really all that lame, why’d you keep watching?
I admit, there were a few seasons that didn’t meet the expectations that were created in the first few.  I kept watching because I saw that there was a story being laid out before me.  It is not the writers of ANY show to make “everyone” happy.  If it ended the way that everyone wanted or expected it to happen, what would have been the point of anyone purchasing a subscription to HBO and tuning in?
The last episode had me on the edge of my seat feeling like I was about to have a panic attack.  I realized later, that Mr. Chase was giving me the same feeling that Tony Soprano always has.  Tony Soprano started having panic attacks because he never knows when the end is going to happen.  Watching Meadow try to park made my panic mode rise even higher.
The good part of watching the finale is that I get to go on living my life without wondering how Sopranos is going to continue.  The bad thing for Tony Soprano is that he has to live the rest of his life in a near state of panic.  The suspense will not end until it happens.
Beautiful work, Mr. Chase.

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