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Well, it looks like the rain has finally subsided. I’m glad that the rain has finally stopped, I just wish that it was January and I didn’t have to deal with the heat. I’ve heard a lot of talk about the heat recently, and I have a problem with the way people are reporting the temperature now.
I’ve noticed that when people at work talk about the temperature outside, they always say that the temperature is what the heat index is. For those that don’t know, the heat index is the temperature + what humidity makes the temperature feel like.
The problem with this is that by changing the language to say that it’s the “heat index” without mentioning that it’s the heat index, gives people the invisible “ammo” to suggest that it is actually hotter than it was last year. The only reason that this has changed in the past year is that there is apparently a decrease in temperature, but the people in charge want to keep the “global warming” hoax going.
I admit that over the past century that the average global temperature has increased by .7 degrees Celsius. The problem with this is that scientists around the globe have found that the temperature fluctuates. There has recently been a finding in Antarctica of a plant that could have only survived in a warmer climate. Findings such as this have found that the temperature has been at least 25 degrees Celsius higher than it is currently.
This leads me to wonder who would consider themselves smart enough to say that an average global temperature .7 degrees Celsius colder than the current temperature is the absolute perfect temperature for this planet to thrive. How do they know that an average temperature of 1 degree Celsius or 98 degrees Celsius is not perfect for this miraculous planet?
I don’t think that mankind is affecting the planetary ecosystem enough to change the climate. I am positive that 10 years of time will prove that this entire push for the fight against global warming will be looked upon by everyone as a political tool as well as a joke.

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