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Moron ATF Agent

Now, the first video shows what most would say is a moronic declaration by an ATF Agent, but the followup video explains that he may have had a point… [youtube=] Now for an explanation of how to convert it… [youtube=] What do you think? I honestly think the toy guns were probably too cheap to […]

Unlawful Searches

I seem to be finding more and more videos like this. I’m sure that a lot of them leave some stuff out, but most of them are stripped of their rights by a cop who thinks he’s above the actual law. [youtube=] What would you do in this situation?


Out of all the debates so far, this one moment sticks out to me… Obama mentions that Romney’s pension is probably invested in China. Romney comes back asking Obama if he’s looked at his own pension. Obama states that, no, he hasn’t, but it doesn’t really matter because Obama’s pension isn’t as big as Romney’s. […]


This video was created in the UK to promote dropping personal carbon emissions by 10 percent in 2010. It was removed from the site it was posted to, due to the outcry it caused. This video shows exactly how the progressives view our decisions to join in. Thanks to the many people who repost videos […]

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