Out of all the debates so far, this one moment sticks out to me…
Obama mentions that Romney’s pension is probably invested in China. Romney comes back asking Obama if he’s looked at his own pension. Obama states that, no, he hasn’t, but it doesn’t really matter because Obama’s pension isn’t as big as Romney’s.
It’s been revealed that Obama has a pretty nice pension… A few, in fact. It has also been revealed that he does have money invested around the world, including China.
My favorite part of the new revelation is this… Romney doesn’t have a pension! He served his term as Governor of Massachusetts for free. Because he received no compensation for his work, he does not qualify for a pension! He knew this from the start, but he didn’t let on to that fact.
His humility has really made me appreciate him. I have heard countless stories of his helping those in need and giving of his time to help others. The best part is that I haven’t heard these stories from him, but from those who surround him. He does not seek glory for his good works, but is instead embarrassed when others talk about what they’ve seen him do.
I’ve got to admit that I was not a Romney supporter until yesterday. I’ve liked Ryan for a while. Namely, I first took notice of Ryan back when the healthcare debate was going on. I’ve heard snippets about Romney for years, but never looked into his background.
I urge you to do the research as I did. While he may not be the best candidate, he’s one of the best we could have hoped for in the past few decades. He leads a life based on principles, not social etiquette. He has shown the ability to turn economic debt into economic wealth.
Looking at our national debt, he’s proven that he can fix an economy and help the private industries create jobs. The last thing we need is more government jobs. The more public jobs there are, the more private jobs have to give the government to pay for them. Eventually, we’d all end up working for the government. Then we’d just be in a downward spiral.
Obama wants to create more public jobs. He says that’s the best way for recovery. He’s lying to us and he knows it. He is not a dumb man. Lets get this liar out of our house.

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