Chuck & Journeyman

I believe that NBC is currently my favorite television network.  I started tuning in on Monday nights to watch Heroes, but I’ve fallen into the desire to watch the shows that surround it.
Chuck is a fun show.  I can predict a lot of what’s going to happen, but the premise of the show is awesome.  There’s a few technical details that they really messed up on, such as the dead hard drive incident in the first episode, but I find myself watching anyway.
Journeyman, I believe I’ve stated already, has even better circumstances.  They have really impressed me with the thought that goes into this show.  I’d have to say that this is my favorite between the two.
I’ve heard, however, that Journeyman hasn’t been getting the ratings that NBC was expecting, so it might not make it.  They need to give it more time… it’s got staying power.  Apparently Chuck’s getting OK enough ratings to keep it on the air, but I’m sure that if they switched the two time-slots that Journeyman would have better ratings.  I know that’s probably hard to do with a show as complicated as Journeyman, but I’m sure it’s just the time-slot.

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