Happy New Year!

I took Alaina to the San Jacinto Monument today.  We had an ok time.  They’ve got the park closed off now so that you can’t even drive up to the monument unless it’s open and pay per person for entrance.  The same goes for the Battleship Texas.  It really stinks because it used to be […]

TV This Fall

This fall we have had our fair share of good and bad television, even though we don’t have cable or satellite service.  There’s more bad than good, of course; we just have less of it to watch. The good:  Heroes, Jericho, Lost, My Name is Earl, Smallville, Studio 60, The Office, and Til Death.  SNL […]

Emmit Won!

Christle told me yesterday that Emmit won.  She saw them on Good Morning America.  He really deserves it, being a guy who has always been in the profession that isn’t known for being “graceful”. No more “reality” shows for me for a while. P.S. – In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, I’m referring […]

Who’s On First

I just heard this for the first time.  I can barely see the screen through the tears of laughter.  It’d be really interesting to find out how Abbott and Costello came up with that bit.  From my understanding they did this bit thousands of times and it was just as good every time. ———->—–>—>    Who’s On First   […]