My (Not So) Super Ex-Girlfriend

I do not understand how Hollywood can expect people to stop downloading movies and keep paying to go to the movie theaters.  The concept of the movie was great.  The production was horrible.  The constant focus on sex was absolutely horrendous.
There were a few random funny points, though.  It really seemed like they had a few jokes about having a super ex-girlfriend, and then they threw in enough of a plot to make a movie.
I might watch this movie again…  if I can’t find something else on TV and it is showing it for free over the air.  I wouldn’t even Tivo My Super Ex-Girlfriend, though.  It wouldn’t be worth the power consumption.
I don’t think the movie is even worth the space on this page, but I just had to spread the news so that maybe I can spare some poor soul a few dollars and keep up the will to live.
If you’ve seen the movie and disagree with my analysis, please do not comment, because I can only handle so much stupidity.
I spent $35 at the movie theater tonight, and I am actually wondering if I might have had a better time being broken down on the side of the road in the desert in a sand storm without the power to roll up the windows.
On a 5 star scale, I’d give this selection 3 turds.

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