Tonight’s Game

…was a great game.  It was definitely worth the two dollars extra for admission that I usually pay to see a high school football game. 
Until tonight, I had only been to three of East Chambers County’s games.  The first was against the high school I graduated from, Hamshire-Fannett.  At the time, I thought it was a pretty bad game, mostly because I was cheering for H-F to win, and they lost in the last few minutes of the game.  The second was a great game because both ECC and Deweyville were undefeated (5-0) and ECC won 46-60 in a pretty competitive game.  The third was a blowout against a team that didn’t even make it into my memory because they didn’t even give ECC a fight until the last few minutes of the game – ECC won something like 7-48.
Tonight’s game against Hemphill was a tight one.  The score went like this:

ECC – Hemphill

0 – 6

0 – 8

6 – 8

8 – 8

8 – 14

8 – 15

14 – 15

16 – 15

16 – 21

16 – 23


22 – 23

28 – 23

29 – 23

35 – 23

35 – 29

Hemphill had control of the ball for almost the entire last 3 minutes of the game and came considerably close to scoring on almost all occasions, but ECC defense, or just plain luck, kept them from scoring to tie it up or win.
I’m really glad I chose to go see the game instead of stay at home cleaning for the party tomorrow.  I’ll have to make sure everyone knows that she’s the one that did most (nearly all) of the preparation for the party tomorrow.

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