We arrived in Huanuco around 5pm today. No one in our party has spent the night here. Our drive from Tingo Maria went well, except for the one person who got motion sickness, and the taxi that Pastor Kevin was in broke down 15 minutes outside of Tingo Maria… He caught another one quite quickly. […]


Today we begin working on the beds at the orphanage. We want to increase the number of children they can take in so that there’s less children sleeping on the street at night. They are very poor here. 17 of us came to Peru from Winnie. So far, no one has gotten sick and everyone […]

Getting Ready to Leave

I’ve got most of my packing done and I’ve made most of the preparations.  I’ve got my passport ready and bought travel insurance.  I’ll do my best to keep you updated of the progress. Thank you for all the support, financial and spiritual.  Please continue to pray for our team and that we allow God […]

Every Day

Every Day I have to start the cycle over again.  Giving my life over to God is currently a struggle.  My body fights to maintain control, but I have to submit to Him.  I fail often, but not as often as I did before.  I have a headache. I’ve raised most of the money needed […]


I’m not planning to just quit soda.  I’m going to ween myself.  I usually bring 4 in my cooler to work every day.  Tomorrow, I’m going to replace 2 of them with water bottles. Next week, I’m going to replace another.  The following week, I’m just going to bring water.  The week after that I’m […]


I have spent countless hours wasting time on an online game.  I’m not gonna say what game, because then I might actually be guilty of hooking someone else into it’s claws.  It’s a fun game where you work with others around the world, building cities, making friends and enemies alike.  It’s free to play and […]

A Short Update

I’ve been in Phoenix for the past two weeks training for work.  I’m coming back home in the morning.  I’ve been getting really homesick and really look forward to being home. Lily is doing ok.  The doctors think the risk of going into surgery is a little too high when compared to waiting until she […]