Well… It’s Been a While

It’s been so long since I posted anything, I doubt anyone is checking my blog any longer… not that too many people were checking it in the first place, other than family and spammers (and those are probably just bots).
I’ve recently decided to improve my life.  I’m kicking out old habits, or rather, old Masters.  I’ve enslaved myself to many Masters over the course of my life.  They’re not all terrible… Dr. Pepper wouldn’t be a terrible Master, unless Dr. Pepper is abused.  I probably drink 10 times as much Dr. Pepper as I do water.  That’s a Master that I’m kicking.
The problem is coming up with something to fill the voids… and water isn’t going to do it all by itself.
Everyone has at least one Master, whether it be crack, cannabis, football, cigarettes, alcohol, basketball, porn, TV, golf, career, school, Coca-Cola, Apple computers, food, vegetarianism, global warming, politics, Dr. Pepper, etc…
I have decided to follow Jesus.  My goal in life is to have one Master… GOD.  The one true God.  The One who cared so much for me that He sent His only son to live a perfect life on this world, die on a cross for my sins for no other reason than because He was sent here to do that, and then rise from the grave.
I do not intend for this to stir up controversy.  I am not putting this on my blog to say that I am righteous.  I am telling you this so that I can have others out there to hold me to account.  I need help to rid myself of other Masters.  Yes, I have a job, but I can still serve only God and keep my job.  Yes, I have a family, but they are a gift from God.  How great it is that he has given me this gift that I can serve Him by loving and taking care of them!
I have not been doing the job God has given me to spread the Good News.  I’ve been on a mission trip in the past, although I can’t say I really did it for the right reasons.  My church has scheduled a mission trip in June to Peru.  At first, I wrote it off as something I couldn’t do.  I’ve got too much going on…  I can’t raise that kind of money…  The worst part of it is that I was being selfish, and I was writing God off.  First, I should make the time to do something God wants me to do.  Second, God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, He can raise the money if He wants me to do this.  He has led me to do what I know and try to raise the money.  He can do it without my help, so I’ll offer all the help I can give to let His glory shine.
I’ve applied for my passport.  I’ve sent out letters requesting donations.  I have a loving family that is also helping to organize a fundraiser.  God is the only one, though, who will make it happen if He so chooses.  I want to serve Him.  I want the kind of faith that will give Him glory.
I ask for your prayers.  I ask you to hold me to account.  Most importantly, I ask you to seek your heart, and turn to God if you haven’t already.  Make Him the only Master of your life, because that will help me to keep Him the only Master of my life.

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