I have spent countless hours wasting time on an online game.  I’m not gonna say what game, because then I might actually be guilty of hooking someone else into it’s claws.  It’s a fun game where you work with others around the world, building cities, making friends and enemies alike.  It’s free to play and interesting to see how a game like that changes with online interaction.
I started out on it innocent enough… looked interesting, met a few people.  The game requires time to build and interact to make it great.  If I were single, I could have maintained it and not let it control my time.  However, it was taking way too much of my time.  I gave it up today.  Well, I’m gonna log on to send a message to my former co-players, but after that, I wont log back on.
Time is one of our most precious commodities.  It is limited, as gold is limited.  The longer it takes to realize that, the less time there is to correct it.  So long, unnamed game.

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