I have spent countless hours wasting time on an online game.  I’m not gonna say what game, because then I might actually be guilty of hooking someone else into it’s claws.  It’s a fun game where you work with others around the world, building cities, making friends and enemies alike.  It’s free to play and […]


Last night was really strange.  I went to bed thinking that Humberto was just a tropical storm.  I couldn’t sleep due to the noises the wind was causing my house to make.  About two hours after I laid down, the power went out and came back on several times.  I heard a bang in the […]


I seem to have had a lag in my writing over the past two months.  I am not really sure why that is, I just know that I want to pick it back up.  My mid-year resolution is to post more frequently.  Maybe even do some video posts.  We’re getting a new camera this week.  I’ll […]

Long Week

Wow… was this week long enough?  It seemed to creep by quickly even though I worked a lot while trying to get through it.  I was trying to keep my posts up, but just didn’t seem to get to it as often as I’d have liked. This has been a good year.  There have been […]


I started this blog as a way to get my thoughts out and share stuff that’s on my mind.  I have an overwhelming sense of “creativity” in me that seems to have to fight it’s way out.  I want to create a NetCast (aka podcast) that allows me to speak my mind rather than type […]

Caught Cheating

I saw this story on Digg and had to post about it. Apparently Emily started a blog a few weeks ago, back in June 2006, to be able to vent her frustrations.  I started reading from her first post, and knowing the last update, I could see the signs throughout the past few weeks.  She […]