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It’s funny how clear things can look after it’s over as opposed to when it’s happening right now.


I have spent countless hours wasting time on an online game.  I’m not gonna say what game, because then I might actually be guilty of hooking someone else into it’s claws.  It’s a fun game where you work with others around the world, building cities, making friends and enemies alike.  It’s free to play and […]


Last night was really strange.  I went to bed thinking that Humberto was just a tropical storm.  I couldn’t sleep due to the noises the wind was causing my house to make.  About two hours after I laid down, the power went out and came back on several times.  I heard a bang in the […]


I seem to have had a lag in my writing over the past two months.  I am not really sure why that is, I just know that I want to pick it back up.  My mid-year resolution is to post more frequently.  Maybe even do some video posts.  We’re getting a new camera this week.  I’ll […]

April was Boring

I waited for inspiration to come to me all month long, and I couldn’t think of anything to write.  I think it’s that fact that has led me to lose sleep last month.  I didn’t use this outlet that I set up to get things off my chest. Up until last night, Heroes was getting […]

Long Week

Wow… was this week long enough?  It seemed to creep by quickly even though I worked a lot while trying to get through it.  I was trying to keep my posts up, but just didn’t seem to get to it as often as I’d have liked. This has been a good year.  There have been […]

She’s Leaving

My grandmother wasn’t breathing for over 10 minutes yesterday.  The tests have confirmed that she has barely any brain activity at all.  The breathing machine will be removed in the morning. I spent some time at the hospital this afternoon.  It hit me harder than I thought it would.  The hardest part was seeing Dad […]


I started this blog as a way to get my thoughts out and share stuff that’s on my mind.  I have an overwhelming sense of “creativity” in me that seems to have to fight it’s way out.  I want to create a NetCast (aka podcast) that allows me to speak my mind rather than type […]

Caught Cheating

I saw this story on Digg and had to post about it. Apparently Emily started a blog a few weeks ago, back in June 2006, to be able to vent her frustrations.  I started reading from her first post, and knowing the last update, I could see the signs throughout the past few weeks.  She […]

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