First Night in Tingo Maria, Peru

The night we stayed in Lima was very short, but I did not sleep very well at all.  We arrived in Tingo Maria yesterday around 4:15pm, ate dinner around 7:30pm, and just enjoyed not being in a vehicle.
I slept great last night, as did everyone else that I know of.  They were raving about the coffee last night and this morning at breakfast, so I decided to have a cup… and then I had a second cup.  Cane sugar is so much better than the stuff we´re used to.
We´re attending a church service in about a quarter of an hour and then we´re doing two services with a translator this evening.  I´m really looking forward to it.
Keep us in your prayers, and ask God to lead us in every step we take.

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  1. Do you start work on the construction tomorrow? When do ya”ll plan on returning? How many people went on this mission trip with you? Hope you’re taking picturess of each place you get to see. Love you, Mom

  2. So good to hear from you and to know you arrived there safely. I know you have wonderful experiences, get to see different and beautiful things and get an appreciation of how people outside the US live. I hope, trust and pray that God’s kingdom is furthered by the trip and your efforts while there.
    Things are going well here! I talked to Christle yesterday. They had a good trip to MS. I don’t know what I did to fix it, but the dryer was working Friday after I put it all back together without really finding a problem. Possibly just a loose or dirty connection.
    We’re praying for you and your group, Son.

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