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I have spent a long time working on our network here at the house.  One of my primary purposes for doing this is media consumption.  While constantly consuming media is not something I would recommend, it helps to make things run as smoothly as possible and user friendly for the whole family. What seems like […]

A Short Update

I’ve been in Phoenix for the past two weeks training for work.  I’m coming back home in the morning.  I’ve been getting really homesick and really look forward to being home. Lily is doing ok.  The doctors think the risk of going into surgery is a little too high when compared to waiting until she […]


My youngest daughter, Lily, who turned 3 in November has been sick on and off for the past few weeks.  It was a viral infection mainly, and it was being treated, but we were passing it back and forth through the entire family and that kinda made it hard to rid the house of illness. […]

July 2008

Well, this month has gone by rather quickly. I made an A in my Summer I class, had a break, and am nearly 60% through Summer II. The new job is going better than expected, and the company I’m working for is the primary reason for that. Happy Anniversary, Christle! Nine short years down, and […]

New Season

A lot seems to have happened since my last post.  I’ll keep it short, though. I started my new degree plan at LIT this semester.  I am studying for an Associates in Instrumentation Technology.  It should allow me to stay busy throughout my life.  So far, I’m doing very well in all three of my […]

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