Bathroom Construction – Part 3

Thanks to Dad and Josh, I’m much closer to having a completed bathroom.  I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, as well as from the middle.  It’s absolutely amazing how fast time goes by when you’re trying to get something done quickly!  I feel as if I’ve still got a week’s worth of work to do.
I started laying the tile in the bathroom today, and I really only have a few more tiles to cut and place before I finish.  I just got worn out cutting the things.  I do feel more like I’m in a bathroom now, though, when I’m in there with an actual floor.  There’s really only a few more things to do, but they seem like they’re gonna take a while to complete.  Just a bit more painting, compared to what’s already been done, and then putting up the shower walls, and then trim work.  Once the paint dries on the cabinet doors, I’ll be able to put those back on.
As small as the bathroom is, I wouldn’t have expected it to take this long.  I am SO glad I had help with the biggest part of the job, though.  I would have had to take a week off of work to get this far if I had to do it by myself.

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