Bathroom Construction – Part 4

Well, I’m over the hump.  I now feel as if I’m getting closer to the end, and it feels much better now.  I have finished all the painting (except for the trim), and plan to install the tub surround wall tomorrow evening.  I still have a lot to do, but the bathroom actually looks like a bathroom now.
As far as painting tapes go, I have to say that the Frog Tape is much better than the well recognized blue tape that you see.  The paint did not stick to the Frog tape like it did to the blue tape.  Of course, I was using enamel paint, so that might have been the difference, but it was a highly noticeable difference.
I have to wait for the glue to dry on the surround, and then install the bath hardware and caulk it all up.  Then I have to finish installing the few tiles I have to cut, and put the hardware on the walls (towel hangers) and the cabinet doors on the cabinets.    I have to cut, paint, and install the trim, as well as replace an electrical outlet and light switch to match the paint.  They are currently beige instead of white, so they are sort of an eyesore.
Then I have to clean the house.  I’ve got stuff from the bathroom spread around so I could keep track of where it’s supposed to go when I finish, so the whole house looks awful, and I now realize the error in that plan because I’m gonna have to make several trips all over the house to get it back in order.  I would have been better off getting a cheap plastic shelving system to store everything temporarily, and then I could have used it in the garage.
Overall, I’ve learned that taking on any remodeling job is much more work than it first seems.  For such a small room, I did not expect this to take so much time and energy.  Again, thanks to Dad and Josh, I didn’t have to bear this alone.  I also want to thank Mom and Destiny for allowing them to spend so much time over here lending both their hands and a lot of sweat.

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