I just came across what will probably be one of the best games to come out this decade. It is being built for the PC, but it is rumored to be designed for the Xbox 360 & Nintendo Revolution as well.
The name of the game is Spore. They originally wanted to call it ‘Sim Everything’, but through the production, “it” wanted to keep it’s code name as the title.
When you begin the game, you start out as a simple spore that lives in a drop of water. Over time, you evolve until you are large enough and have the mental capacity to have a tribe. Your tribe evolves into a civilization. You can then control an entire solar system, making your way to interstellar travel.
One of the neat things about this game is that the creatures you develop are uploaded to the network, so that other users can interact with your species. There is no interaction between users, but the number of species that can be created is immense.
The video is kinda long (35 minutes), but it is very informative about how much fun the game is going to be. It is supposed to be released before the end of this year.
Check it out HERE

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