“Hate Bush” Politics

I received a message from someone yesterday that had a list of things to “screw” (the word wasn’t really screw, but I don’t even like to use the irst letter o the real word used). For instance, 1. “screw” holidays, 2. “screw” bush, 4. “screw” vinnella icecream, 5. “screw” sports, etc.
The thing that made me mad was #2. One of the things that upset me is that the person didn’t attach their name to it. They felt good for just a few minutes, but didn’t have to account for their comment any further than that.
The problem is much bigger than this, but this hit a nerve that I just didn’t like. There is a “movement” on the liberal side of the aisle that has focused on one major point —> “HATE BUSH!”
Another problem for the liberals is that the imbeciles who think they’re “fighting for a cause” are falling flat on their faces. Their inability to think for themselves and maintain the hype created by the liberals are exhibiting their lack of intelligence involved in what some might call their thought process.
Get off of the “Hate Bush” bandwagon, and deal with the issues. When President Clinton was in office, I didn’t like the fact that he was, but I accepted it, and even accepted the good points of his term. Why can’t any of the liberals out there do the same? They are “supposed” to be the ones who scream for everyone to accept diversity, but they have hate speeches about President Bush that would have gotten conservatives hanged if they had spoken about President Clinton in the same manner.
If you don’t follow politics, we know it. I’ll tell you how. This goes just the same for the people who are serving in politics. If your entire platform is to oppose everything the current President says, we don’t want to hear it, because you are involved in “Hate Bush” politics and we’re tired of hearing your crap.

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