ABC’s Lost

I’ve been reading a lot of spoilers and people talking about their theories about the island, numbers, people on Lost. It’s some interesting stuff, and if nothing else, seems to have helped some people get off their lazy rear-ends to learn something new. It may seem stupid to some people, but at least people are figuring out how to exercise their brains for the first time in a long time.
I really enjoy reading it, but sometimes I think people over do it. There are some really smart people watching this show, and on the same note, there are some really brilliant people behind the cameras. I just found out that the premiere episode was budgeted at around $10 million. That is so incredible that the people dishing out the money had THAT much faith in the show, and as far as I can tell, that faith was justified and then some.
The fan site that I find the most interesting is The mere fact that the numbers used in the show are the page name makes it easy to remember, and also know that by communicating with people registered on the site, you know that 9 times out of 10, they are die-hard fans.
There are people that are fans that want to mess with noobies though. There was an “orientation film” released on the site that was debunked within 1 hour of it’s posting. Someone had gone to some lengths to piece together a film that looked pretty close to the same style film as viewed on the episode entitled Orientation. It was very good footage, but the way it was debunked was the way the DHARMA logos did not seem to look quite right. They did a good job, but the details of the logos brought to light the fact that the logos weren’t right, and that would only happen without the producers’ being involved. These producers have made sure that every detail of every scene fits in with the story, and is always consistent.
There is also a podcast that discusses Lost, called Transmission. These people just started in May, only have 9 podcasts, and were in the top 40 podcasts just a few weeks ago, but probably because Lost has been showing reruns for the past 2 weeks, have slipped down to number 93 on iTunes top 100 podcasts.
I am really glad that we get ABC in HD, because it really turns the movie-like quality footage into more of a movie-like atmosphere when it’s on. It makes the experience of Lost much better.

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