Smallville – 506 – Exposed

Tonight was a really good episode. The references to The Dukes of Hazzard were pretty funny. I guess they had to show some distance between Clark and Lana since in the last episode she tried to feast on Clark. I think she also had to be out of the way for Lois Lane to do a striptease for Clark. Lois really seemed out of place. I don’t recall their mentioning Martha in the episode, but I probably just missed it.
Lex and Clark seem to have been out of touch over the past few weeks, and it seems that their relationship is still tense but smoothing out. It’ll probably get a little rougher once Jonathan Kent announces that he’s running for Senator against Lex. I’m not 100% positive that’s going to happen, it’s just that all the evidence points to that fact. The election wasn’t finished, “Luke Duke” announced he was dropping out of the race, and “Luke” just told “Bo Duke” that he was better suited for the job.
I’m surprised we didn’t get to see the professor in this episode, or even a mention of him. I really hope there’s an opportunity to get Sam Jones III in sometime this season. Now that Chloe knows Clark’s secret, it’d be kinda fun to see Pete & Chloe help Clark fix something without his having to hide his involvement from either of them. It would be really cool to see what Pete’s been up to for the past year and a half as well.
The plot of the episode was pretty simple. But I still felt satisfied with it all the same.
I’d hate to see the series end this year. I’ll have to look up to see if I can find any info about a possible 6th season. It’s probably been posted for months already. I’m sure they could fit another season in with no problem at all. If nothing else, I’d love to see a spin-off of the transformation of Chloe and Lois’ involvement in The Daily Planet. Either way, if Chloe’s going to be one of the deaths this season, that more than likely will be the signal of this being the last season of Smallville. I would feel pretty safe about betting on the fact that if they kill off Chloe in any season, that will probably be the last season. If she dies this season, this is the last season. Hopefully we wont have to see that. That would really suck to have to watch the new opening credits without her in them.
I heard a big rumor today. It’s kinda old news. Back in August it was confirmed that Dean Cain will be making an appearance on Smallville as a love interest of Lois’. That might be kinda cool seeing Tom Welling and Dean Cain come face to face kinda like Martin and Charlie Sheen in Hot Shots 1 or 2 (can’t remember, and really don’t care which one it was).
I’m off to bed with dreams of flying.

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