We arrived home yesterday around 4pm after leaving Brownsboro around 9am. We had no electricity and it was pretty hot inside the house.
Everything was just as we had heard from a few people who stopped by earlier to check it out for us; the fence was down, there were branches and leaves all over the place, there were no broken windows, my storage building was still standing just the way we left it, and there were no signs of vandalism or theft.
We packed up some stuff to stay the night at the church, being as there was electricity there, and got some McDonalds food to satisfy our hunger pains. We went over to a great friend’s house to do some laundry and do a little swimming to cool off. We found out that we had electricity and went home after picking our stuff up from the church around 11:30pm.
It took a few hours for the house to cool off so we could get a few hours sleep before going to work this morning. It felt SO good to be cold this morning.
My parents still don’t have power (they’re close to Beaumont), but they only lost a few trees. They didn’t have one broken window, and only got about 5 inches of rain.
To my knowledge, everyone I know is doing just fine.

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