Smallville – 501 – Arrival

The first episode of Smallville this season was a thriller and a disappointment all at the same time. By saying this, I want to point out that I am a major fan of Smallville, and the way they have developed the characters and story line during their entire four seasons, barring a few episodes that just seemed to be stretching.
Before getting into the details of the show, I must say that the new Credit sequence at the beginning of the show was spectacular. The people who put that together are very good at what they do, and made the sequence very pleasing to my eyes, and I’m sure to most other viewer’s eyes.
The very beginning, when the Fortress of Solitude (FOS) was built really played well with my eyes. The way they made the inside of the FOS look so closely to that of the Superman movies was really cool as well.
The FOS also looked tremendous. How is it that Chloe walked right into the thing and found Clark so quickly? I’d figure she’d have to run into a few dead ends before finding the right place within the FOS. I may be wrong here, but when I think of Fortress, I think of a building the size of a small city.
Clark and Chloe’s conversation at the hospital was hysterical. It was something we’ve been wanting to see for quite some time. Chloe looks a little older than she did in the finale last season. It almost makes me wish Lana wasn’t around.
Wouldn’t the two from Krypton have known how to fly? Why didn’t they do anything more than what Clark could already do? Did they not want to clue him in on what HE may be able to do?
The supposed “climax” where the “fight” between Clark and the Prophets of Zod was absolutely lame. That had to be the most boring fight of TV this year. Put a vortex in the room, Clark gets out of it, while they turn their backs on him (sounds like a scene from Austin Powers), and he bumps them into the vortex without any more incidents. It ended almost “prematurely”. I think they could have made it a bit more entertaining.
Seeing Clark’s finger bleed after barely touching a piece of glass was humorous, yet it DID get the point across that he had lost his abilities when the sun had set. I think that if he had lost his abilities in any other fashion, it would have been hard for the audience to pick up on it.
Lex picking up Chloe in the Yukon was expected and wonderful at the same time. It’s almost as if he has minions keeping track of every computer entry of everyone he knows and they update him every time someone’s name comes up. I wonder how large that staff is, and how much of LutherCorp’s budget is dedicated to that task.
Clark and Lana beginning a ‘new’ relationship at the end was cool. The only problem is that we MUST see it end when he (we know this happens) gets his abilities back, and can’t bring himself to let her in on his little (BIG) secret. It will end their dating relationship for good. I hope that they will keep them together for a little while before the whole “secrets between lovers” thing starts up.
Then we see the spaceship… with the “thing” coming out of it. Apparently this guy will have a role that spans a few episodes, because it doesn’t look like he’ll be in the next episode.
I can’t wait for next thursday.

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