Johnson Space Center

Christle and I went to JSC in Clear Lake on Monday as part of our Anniversary weekend. The technology available is absolutely astounding today when compared to 10 years ago. I don’t remember the last time I was there (probably in elementary school – early 80s), but there was so much more there. I landed the shuttle on the simulator that they had out there for anyone to play with. There were 6 year old kids that could land the shuttle on the simulator using the hardest setting. That’s better than I could, and I like to think of myself as a good gamer.
The tour was about as interesting as the ones anywhere else… pretty boring. The facts that we learned were pretty cool, though. I learned that they already have broken down what we could mine for on the moon, and they predict that 42% of what they could develop from the moon’s core is oxygen!
It is really amazing how small those first capsules were that the astronauts stayed seated in for all that time.
There’s not really a whole lot to do, though, so it might be worth it to stop by McDonald’s and pick up a 50% off coupon before you show up, though.

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