Cheap Laptop

Asus is apparently building a laptop that will be cheap and make computer ownership as low as $200. This laptop looks like a good deal. It’s known as the EeePC and it should be available this fall. It will have a 4GB flash hard drive and 512MB of RAM. With 802.11g wireless card installed as […]


I saw a video podcast today that had a short segment about the site  This site provides software called BookSmart to download and install on your computer.  BookSmart will allow you to create a book in a number of different sizes.  Once you have finished creating your book, you can actually have it published and printed in […]

Vista Update

Vista’s got a lot of bugs.  If you have a computer that’s less than 2 years old and you’ve been contemplating the “upgrade”, I wouldn’t do it.  The major problem right now is not entirely Microsoft’s fault, but as normally happens with any Microsoft update, there are many driver issues right now.  That is caused primarily […]