A Full Week of Technology

This week has been full of technology announcements.  Hitachi announced that they will be releasing a 1 Terabyte hard drive by the end of this quarter for $399.00.  The price is just over half of what most people expected the first Terabyte drive to be.
Apple introduced the much anticipated iPhone (name might be changed due to copyright).  Check it out at the Apple website HERE.  The features of this thing are sweet, but the price is just out of my range.  Hopefully there will be a good price reduction for signing a contract with Cingular.
Microsoft introduced a new file storage and backup server that is meant for the home.  Not everyone will really use one of these, but I’d recommend that everyone have some way of backing up their data.  This is one possible way to do it with ease.
Those are the three that stick out for me.  There were hundreds (if not thousands) more that I haven’t even seen yet. 
A co-worker of mine went to CES in Las Vegas on Wednesday and Thursday.  I look forward to hearing about the gadgets that interested him the most.

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