New Forum

I’m toying with the idea of just using this blog to write my own daily journal of various thoughts and things to remember. Then starting a forum that everyone else can discuss upcoming activities on. The forum I’m toying with is pretty neat visually and pretty easy to navigate once you’ve played with it for […]


If you don’t know what RSS is, you should probably check it out. I feel that I am addicted to news headlines. RssReader is the program I use to put all the headlines into one place. Let me know what you think if you try it.

Web Site Updated!

I finally posted the new web site template. The hardest part was editing the images to include the words that I wanted. A friend from work gave me a free pro account from It makes it SO easy to post pictures and links to my pictures on the site and on the blog. I’ll […]


I’m figuring out how to change the images on the toolbars of the new template for the main site. It should look pretty good once I get it up and running. The image collection is pretty large and it looks like a mountain of work. Hopefully, it’s not as hard as I’m making it out […]

Site Templates

I’ve recently acquired access to hundreds of great web templates. I’m sure that at least one of them should satisfy my thirst for just the right template for Anyway, it might take a week or two, but I plan to have the correct template running as soon as I can.