Election 2008

It is true that McCain is not a true conservative. I have come to the realization, however, that anything we could do to keep Obama (or Clinton if she had gotten the Democratic nomination) out of the White House, would be in our best interest as a nation.
With rising fuel and energy costs, McCain seems to be the only one of the bunch who supports drilling for more oil. That is the only solution offered by any candidate that would impact the price of oil. Sure, research is needed in alternative fuels, but none of that research will have any impact on the current costs of fossil fuels. The mere knowledge that the United States of America is about to drill for its own oil would cut the speculation causing the rise in crude oil prices down to their legitimate sizes… not sure if I said that right, but the speculation bubble in crude oil prices would pop. The leaders of OPEC have stated publicly that the cost of a barrel of oil should be in the $60-$70 range. That’s about half of what it costs currently, and the rise in cost has only been caused by speculation of a decrease in the supply versus demand ratio.
The other relevant issues concern national security and the ongoing war on terror.
I don’t believe that our country should be charged with spreading democracy. That is the responsibility of the people of each individual nation. I do believe in stopping mass genocide. That is the evil of ruthless dictators, and should be stopped for humanitarian reasons.
Our borders need to be secure. I couldn’t say it any more simply than that. Wanna argue that point with me? Bring it on… comments are welcome and I wont edit them as long as they’re clean.
If we have evidence that our enemies outside of our borders are planning to attack us, we should stop them by the means we have available to us.
The liberal democrats want to play nice and “hope” that if we’re nice to the terrorists, that they’ll have a change of heart… the terrorists extremist religion doesn’t teach that way. Sure, they may act nice to your face, until they have their planning completed. Then the niceness will disappear.
As of this moment, I’ve decided to vote for McCain.
I’ve heard it said, that if your young and a republican, you don’t have a heart, but if you’re old and a democrat, you don’t have a brain. I’m not a republican, although that’s the direction I normally vote. I’m certainly nowhere near calling myself a democrat. To be honest, I’d be willing to say I’m more of a Libertarian. I’d prefer to say I’m Independent, though, because every party in the history of our country has taken stands, and then broken those stands over time. I’d prefer to be right than wrong, and the only way I can stay on that path is if I keep my associations limited to those who’ve stayed solid on their stands… like the NRA.

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