New Job

Well… a little bit has happened since my last post.
I finished my second semester, and yes, I finished with a 4.0.  I started the first summer session, and I’m doing well in that class, although, it’s much harder than any other class I’ve taken so far.  Digital Applications is the class I’m taking, and there’s a lot more lab work to do in this class versus the classes I’ve already taken.  I’ve only got two more weeks to go in this class.
As you may know, I’m taking classes to get an Associates Degree of Applied Science in Instrumentation Technology.  My current position is as a computer technician.  Through my current job, I’ve made many acquaintances.  Luckily, I was pleasant enough to make very few enemies.  My reputation and experience from my current job has given me the opportunity to take a job in Instrumentation & Controls.  I start the new job on June 30.  My Insurance will be active on July 1, and I’ll be making much more than I’m currently making.
There have been quite a few interviews with several companies over the last 8 to 9 months for computer technician positions, but none came to fruition, although many seemed close to blooming.  It’s one of those things that you don’t understand at the time, but God brought the reality to my face when He finally let everything fall into place.
I never could understand why none of those other jobs were good enough.  Christle would tell me that God must have something better in store for me… I didn’t feel it, but I knew that she was probably right.  None of those positions would have been better for my future or pay as well as this one.  Also, if I had taken one of those jobs, this one would have been much harder to attain.
I am blessed.
Just one more week of doing the computer thing, and I’ll get to begin my new career.  I’m really looking forward to it.

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