Primaries in 2008

There wasn’t much to choose from.
That basically sums it up. Lesser of evils… with all the different subjects to consider, I guess McCain is the least evil. His record doesn’t even show him as being a true conservative Republican, but people went out in droves to vote for him.
As you probably already know, he won because there were two that were more conservative than he is, that split the conservative vote. The GOP should have a primary primary. What I mean is, the GOP should have a… well, I guess it should be called a pre-primary where the conservatives run against each other and then the liberals run against each other. Base their placement in each category on their history. Then we could nominate one of two candidates instead of splitting the votes between so many candidates.
I know that wouldn’t even be considered anytime soon, I just wanted to get my opinion out there.
Clinton or Obama?
I don’t think I could bear to see or hear Clinton for four years. I’d be staying away from politics for a while. I don’t think I could bear her. Although, that would almost guarantee a conservative win in 2010 for the Senate.
Obama has no political accomplishments, and he has a shady history. That’s probably why he didn’t win much yesterday. A lot of that came up in the past few weeks, and it hurt him.
I can honestly say that I don’t know who I’ll be voting for in November. Do we try to keep a “Republican” in the White House, or do we opt for strategy and let the Dems win in 2008 for a chance of getting a conservative Senate and a true conservative in the White House in 2010? My problem with voting for McCain, is that if he wins, we will be stuck with a liberal president for at least 8 years, because the GOP will stand with the incumbent instead of going through another primary. Unless the Democrats move to a more conservative platform, like they stood on 40-50 years ago, we’ll be guaranteed another liberal 4 years in the White House.
Luckily, we have some time to ponder the positives and negatives of each scenario. If anyone has anything else to bring to the table, I’m open to hear them… I need all the information I can get.

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