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I have tried multiple times with several types of printers and have never been able to print photos that had the same quality of film cameras that I had developed.  Laser printers, inkjet printers, photosmart printers… none of them measured up.
I was browsing for Web 2.0 sites and stumbled on  I was hoping that it would work, but when we got the test card back from them, it looked worse than some of the others I had done myself.
Last night, Christle said something to me about giving photos to family members this weekend at the Christmas party.  I thought that there had to be a way of getting our digital photos printed quickly, easily, and hopefully cheaply.


I went to and went to the services section where I found a service to print digital photos.  I created an account, had 30 copies of our portrait printed in 4×6 in one hour for 19 cents each plus tax.  Just over 6 dollars and we would hopefully have something worth sharing.
Christle picked them up and the quality definitely measures up to my standards.  I wouldn’t be able to tell you if I didn’t already know that I had submitted these digitally instead of dropping off film.
I went online to order some of the ones that were of the girls and when I selected one hour photo, they said they’d be ready at 5:02pm today.  I’ll change my post if there are complications with this order, but I just had to write about my surprise in the quality of this product.

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  1. The photos of the girls turned out just as good as I thought they would and were ready, according to the creation stamp, a few minutes before they had to be.

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