Weekly Cleaning

I can’t seem to keep my desk clean!!!  I get it just perfect and then I realize that I’ve cluttered it back up in what seems like no time at all.  Why is it that I put stuff on my desk knowing that if I’d just put it where it belongs I wouldn’t have to deal with a cleaning job every week or two?
I don’t want to throw everything away because I may need it, so I have to make a concentrated effort to put everything where it belongs.
I’ve read countless stories of how to manage a desk/work environment so that it is always clean and tidy, but I can’t seem to apply the suggestions I’ve read to what I do on a daily basis.
What I am going to do over the next few weeks is try to develop a game plan for constant organization so that I will have a fresh start on the new year.  If you have any ideas that may be useful, please let me know.
Just for reference, right now I have bills, a letter, receipts, my Bible, my Bible study guide, some bank stuff, a t-shirt, some tweasers, a few catalogs, a… thingy… that Alaina made for me, some loose change, a CD case filled with data CDs, and a rarely used external hard drive.

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