Disclosure Policy

I have built a disclosure policy for the site at DisclosurePolicy.org and wanted to let you know how to find it.  If you want to see it at any time, there is a link to it at the bottom of the page called, you guessed it, “Disclosure Policy“.
The concept of having a disclosure policy is good because having one maintains a level of credibility.  If my readers see that I have a disclosure policy and read it, they will understand that I am honest and up front with them.  When people visit my site and see that I fully disclose my influences, they will be more likely to trust my posted opinions, sponsored or not.
I haven’t used paid advertisers very much on this blog, but it has been enough to keep up with the cost of the site.  I don’t take advantage of just any advertiser either.  I will always be honest and will not review or lie about a product that I have no trust in.
If you have your own site or blog, please check out DisclosurePolicy.org.

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