This Semester Almost Over

I’m coming close to finishing off this semester.  I look forward to being done with this one.  It’s been the hardest to get through so far.
I registered to go to LIT next semester.  I’m going to try for an Associates in Instrumentation.  My brother, Josh, just started going for the same thing this semester, and he seems to be enjoying it.
As I’ve said before, I’m not sure about having to be at class on time, but it will definitely help me to not procrastinate as much as I have been able to for the past three semesters at NAU.
Just a few of the classes required for Instrumentation are available online, and the good thing about that is that LIT uses the same Web Application as NAU, so I already know how the classes will work, even though I’ll probably only be able to use it for one or two of them during my quest for the degree.
There is one thing I am proud of myself for, though.  I have (almost) made it through three semesters without becoming overwhelmed or failing anything.  I only took three semesters at Lamar University right out of high school and basically quit going during my third semester.  I have a low GPA during those three semesters and I’m not proud of that.  I feel that I’ve made it up during the past three semesters, and I have finally gotten over my fear of failure in attending school.

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