Semester Two Has Begun

Ok… I realize it has been a while since my last post.  I guess I was tired after finishing the first semester.  My first week in my second semester has told me two things.

  1. This semester is going to be easier
  2. This semester is going to be much harder

I don’t have to do as much creative work this semester.  One of my classes is going to be much easier (for me) to breeze through.  The other class is getting into some funky stuff that is very complicated.
Accounting is easy (in my head).  Putting it on paper is an entirely different story.  The whole point of Accounting is putting it on paper.  It is a written account of finances.  You have to duplicate or triplicate credits and debits all over the page to double check yourself, and have proof for financial institutions to verify.  I hated having to write out how I solved a problem in math in school.  I HAVE to do it now, because that is the point of the entire class!!!
I have already fallen into a sense of boredom having to look at the same numbers more than once.  I just have to focus for 10 more weeks, and pray that I can stay awake through each lesson.  If you have any tips that can legally keep me awake, I’m all ears (or is it eyes in this case?)…

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