Finally Moved

for the most part, anyway…
We’ve moved most of our stuff into the house, and we’ve got boxes everywhere.  The only rooms that look close to done are the kitchen (gotta have access to the food), bathroom (that too), and of course, my office.
It took us a few hours just to get my desk into the house, but it was worth it, because it looks great in my office.  I’m glad we moved most of the stuff on Friday, because Saturday was a horrible day for moving.  I haven’t seen rain that hard since Rita.  I did get the lawn mowed before the rain came down too hard, though.
I’m looking forward to being able to work closer to home because the drive to and from work everyday would eventually get to me.  I’m going to the new location in Beaumont on Wednesday, and from what I understand, they have some work backed up for me, so I could be there consistently for a short period of time.
I went jogging tonight because I haven’t been in over two weeks.  The track here is cool because it is more round than elongated, so it seems like the track is shorter, even though it apparently is not.  It looks like they wanted more sidline space between the field and the track so they just widened it to make the arcs longer and the straight parts shorter.
I had the misfortune of talking about politics at work today.  Just yesterday, Christle and I were talking about the definition of prudence (discretion in practical affairs, or knowing when to keep your mouth shut to avoid embarrassment or distress).  Take the advice I did not use, and just keep politics and religious talk out of the workplace.  Doing so will make life so much less stressful.  I guess there is room for bending that rule, but it should only be when asked outright for advice, or if you’ve known the person (or people) for more than 5 to 10 years.
The conversation ended smoothly, and I don’t think any feelings were hurt, but it was just one of the most awkward conversations I’ve ever had at work.  I think I’ll remember to just make my way out of those conversations from now on.

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