Perfect Time to Wake Up

I browse on a regular basis.  I love seeing new technology, and it makes me want more toys.  There’s a new toy being released soon that looks incredible. 
I honestly don’t look at it as a toy, because I would consider it a health device.  Just as a heart monitor will tell you when to get to the doctor/hospital, this alarm clock tells you when to wake up feeling the most refreshed.
There are cycles that people go through while sleeping.  I never seem to wake up at the right point in my sleep cycle, and it usually takes me a little while to wake up.  The Axbo actually monitors your heartrate with a wireless wristband, and wakes you up during the window of time you have preset when it is best for your sleep cycle.  My explanation is not very clear, I know, but they explain it much better on HERE.
Right now you can get a second wristband for the second alarm for no additional cost.
I will not be buying this for myself anytime soon, but if you’re looking to get me something for valentines day, this $244 health device would be the perfect thing.

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