Lost – Monster Revealed (Kinda)

We finally got to see what the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 see when they see the Monster up close.  The view was absolutely stunning.  It really reminds a lot of people of the nanobots in Prey, a book by Michael Crichton.  I don’t believe that’s what it is, but once I get past that point, where else is there to go?
There are only two possibilities (as far as anyone can tell) for what the Monster is.  It’s either some kinda machine, smoke-and-mirrors type machine, created by man, or it’s supernatural.  Why is it that the people who are more intrigued than afraid don’t get killed by it like the pilot did?  That kinda action makes me think that it’s supernatural, but what does Dharma and Hanso have to do with it?
Last nights episode made me happy, because I finally got to see what it looks like.  I hate to say it, but there are many more questions now, and I’m half tempted to not watch another episode until the end of the show altogether, so I can take a week’s vacation and watch every episode without having to wait between shows.  —   —   —   —   Yeah right!  I wouldn’t be able to make it past two days after the next show.

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