950 KPRC Drops Glenn Beck

The day Glenn Beck is named as the 3rd most listened to talk show, KPRC drops them for a local guy. Apparently people have been complaining that our Houston Talk Radio Station needs to have more local hosts so they can talk about local stuff.
Why they’d pull the best part of their program schedule to get another local host right after the other one makes absolutely NO sense to me. If you’re trying to make people happy with more local talk, spread it around so that the people who listen in the afternoons can hear it. They’re trying to appease some demand but they’re not spreading the locality around. If anything, they should’ve pulled Michael Savage, and put someone local in that time slot.
I really think they should create a new station, and put all the local guys over there. Then, maybe they could fit Phil Hendrie (hilarious – they dropped him a few years ago) into the syndicated station.
I lost my appetite when I heard that other guy this morning. I’ve been waiting for Glenn to get back from vacation for 3 weeks, and they drop his show today?! I’m really glad I’m already an insider, and can download his show every day. It just feels like a big disconnect.

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