Continuing Education

I’ve filled out the forms for FAFSA, and it looks like I qualify for financial aid to return to school.  I should be starting in March.  I’m pretty excited about getting back to getting a degree.  I will start slowly and go for an Associates of Applied Science in General Education.
I currently have been afraid of going back to school because I have been afraid of failing.  I know that I have to face that fear and push forward in order to build myself.  That’s the only way I’m going to stop talking about returning to school and actually go.
I’ll be glad to get something to put on my resume that shows that I’m striving for improvement in my life, and give the impression of growth and the desire for knowledge.
Christle says that I currently lack mental challenges, and I need something to complete the circuit of my desire for problem-solving and learning activities.  School sounds like the best thing to fill that need.

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