President’s Secret Wiretaps

I can’t believe you people didn’t already know that this was happening. It has to. It has been happening for years! We know it was happening when Clinton was in office, and you complained then, too. After 9/11, I don’t know how anyone could not expect secret wiretaps to be taking place.
The President of the United States has the authority to authorize them, and that’s why he did it. The scandal here is the fact that someone leaked the legitimacy of the assumptions that I and many other Americans already had. In order for us to have one-up on the enemy, we as normal Americans need to be a little ignorant as to the stuff going on in our government in the realm of security.
Do you honestly feel SO important as to think that the United States Government has the time, energy, or staff to listen in to your phone calls to your grandmother who doesn’t like President Bush just like you? Are you conceited enough to think that your phone calls to your political affiliates are more important than those who are attempting to destroy America? Unless you’re a pedofile or a terrorist, stop screaming so loud. If you are a pedofile or a terrorist, I guess you can scream about it as loud as you want, so it’ll be easier to pick you off.
I know that the government is designed by the people for the people, but in this and many more cases, there’s certain things I don’t want EVERYONE to know about.

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