1GB iPod Nano

That’s what I read on digg.com. Yeah right!
I bought a 4GB Nano. 2 days after I received it, they announced the new iPod Video. I guess there’ll be a few people who fall into the trap of buying the NEW iPod, but I’m sure that the majority of iPod users would prefer more space than less. Bigger is better.
The only reason I’m stuck with my 4 Gigger is because of the “free laser inscription” which disables your option to send it back for a 15% restocking fee. I would’ve loved to get the video iPod if I’d known it was coming out. If you’re getting an iPod, don’t personalize it with the “free” laser inscription. It could end up costing you more than you’d like.
Hopefully the 1GB Nano is just a rumor, because it makes Apple look more desperate than I think they want to look.

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