Proud to be a Texan

Seeing all of the support from people in Texas for the refugees from New Orleans makes me feel proud to be a Texan. Our church just sent a huge trailer full of supplies to the people affected by Hurrican Katrina, and it felt good to be part of that.
I’m happy to see everyone pulling together and pitching in where they can. I just wish that people would stop playing the “Blame Game” and start working to restore order. We can fix the problems that happened during this disaster and be a little more prepared in case it happens again.
I urge everyone to take caution when choosing who to donate to for relief. There are web sites that look like official sites, but please know that some of them are complete frauds. Also, don’t be too trustworthy of people on the side of the road or in places where there isn’t anyone else around. I’ve heard too many terrifying stories to trust anyone in those kinds of places.
I hope that the rest of the country will see and realize the giving nature of this great state we call Texas. Maybe they’ll talk about us red state country hicks a little better… Yeah Right!

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