Hollywood Slump?

The so-called slump that Hollywood is in is not what I believe should be called a slump at all. They try to blame the lower ticket sales on P2P file-sharing and bit torrent users, but what they fail to realize is that no one wants to spend money on the trash that’s coming out of Hollywood.
The people who take the time to download the movies aren’t interested in buying tickets, even if they didn’t have access to the downloads. The reason why they don’t want to spend the money is one or many reasons. These reasons can include too much skin, bad language, sex, sexual references, violence, cigarettes, alcohol, racism, children being rude and crude with their parents on screen, and I’m sure you can come up with a few more with a little more concentration.
I make many of my decisions on those factors as well as on the actors involved with the movies. If an actor is outspoken about politics the way some are, I try my best to stay away from helping them make money. I don’t go to the theater to see them and I certainly don’t give them more money by buying their DVDs. I don’t like it when a stupid actor or actress thinks they’re smarter than the real working Americans. They think they have a more important right to free speech because they can buy their airtime. Get a real job…
Hollywood should make some less offensive movies/films, stay out of politics, and then they “might” make some more money.

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