Big Brother 6 – Kaysar Recovers

I would have sworn that Kasar was not going to have a chance to get back in the house. All the evidence pointed to the fact that CBS was going to let Eric back in, no matter what America voted for.
There was one page on their site that asked who you thought was going to win BB6, and Eric was the only evicted houseguest who was not greyed out… and Kaysar was the last to leave!
Maybe enough people complained about the apparent outcome loud enough for CBS to get a clue. But then again, how do we know they didn’t adjust the numbers to let Kaysar in if Eric actually got more votes?
There is absolutely NO way that CBS could fudge the numbers enough to reflect Kaysar got 82% of the vote. On the other hand, who’s going to try to investigate, or “hold a recount”, if there’s that much margin of victory?
Oh, well… it just thrilled me to see Maggie and Ivette when Kaysar opened the front door. I was hoping they would get mad and leave the house, but it made me happier to see them miserable after realizing that America wasn’t as in love with their HERO as they were.
It was absolutely tremendous. I voted for Kaysar probably 15 times, even though I knew it wouldn’t make a difference. I just didn’t know it would be icing on the cake for Kaysar’s vote count.

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