It’s a …

I can’t stand driving in the city. All these people driving all over the place, everyone thinking that their destination is more important than mine, and now there’s fewer lanes to drive in because of the stupid Metro Rail.
I saw at least half the people driving were talking on their cell phone, and I saw a lady digging through her purse while on her cell phone going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone.
At least the A/C worked in the car. The A/C in my truck isn’t working, and that would have made it much worse… that and the fact that my truck has a standard transmission.
One thing that made it bearable, was that I wasn’t at work. Work isn’t usually bad, but I’ve been doing a boring job for the past week. So, since I wasn’t at work, it made it a little better.
Our doctor has just moved his office to another building. That office is awesome. The hallway goes around the perimeter of the building, so you can see the city, which actually looks good when you’re not on the road. It was a spectacular view.
The technology that is in an ultrasound machine is actually quite stunning. 5 years ago, when we saw Alaina under the ultrasound, there weren’t quite as many details that you could look at, but this child was absolutely stunning. We got pictures of the hands and fingers, feet and toes, spine, brain, face, ribs, legs, etc. The baby looked like it was licking it’s hand at one point. We could actually see definitive movements.
Then the nurse moved the ultrasound thingy, and it looked as if our baby was mooning us. There, clear as day, were easily recognizable signs of a labia. We’re 95% sure we’re going to name her Christina Lily.
I tried to draw the story out as long as I could, but I can’t concentrate on much right now, so…
Have a good’n!…

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